The Tour Committee of South Coastal Delaware AARP Chapter 5226 offers members the chance to explore interesting sites, both in the surrounding area and throughout the United States and beyond.

This is a list of the trips that we are currently offering. Clicking on each trip name will give you more information about the trip.


These tours are a project of and are offered to the South Coastal Delaware Chapter #5226 of AARP. The chapter and any agent it may use in arranging these or any other tours are not responsible in whole or in part to the tour member for any loss, damage, or injury, whether financial or otherwise to persons or property, however caused during or in connection with these or any other tours. These tours are activities conducted by South Coastal DE AARP #5226 and are in no way offered, sponsored, or conducted by AARP, which has no responsibility in connection with such tours.

Trip Reservations:

To make a reservation for any trip contact the trip coordinator listed on the flyer. Make checks payable to: South Coastal AARP #5226 and send to South Coastal AARP Tour Committee, PO Box 662, Ocean View, DE 19970. Please submit a check for each trip you sign up for. Note on the check what trip the check is to be applied to. If you are paying for more than 1 person please make note on the check. We can no longer accept one check for multiple trips.

Trip Rules

Day Trips

• Payment is preferred at time of registration and must be made no later than 30 days after registration
• Reservations made within 30 days of scheduled trip must be paid at time of registration
• No refunds for payments can be given unless a substitution can be made. If a trip is cancelled by the Tour Committee, full refunds will be provided to all paid participants.
• To cancel a trip 48 hours or less before departure, contact the trip coordinator listed on the flyer
• No alcoholic beverages are allowed on buses during chapter-sponsored trips
• Price subject to change: If the price of diesel fuel increases by more than 20% between the date of the contract with Bus Company and the date of the charter, the Tour Committee may charge a fuel surcharge to participants.

Overnight Trips

• Seating will be assigned when initial payment is received
• All overnight trips use a voucher system for the payment fee with a payment schedule.
• If Cancellation is necessary we will try to fill the spot with someone from our wait list if available. After that has been exhausted member has the option then and only then to replace the reservation with interested party of their choice.
• Travel Protection Insurance is offered for all overnight trips. If cancellation is necessary due to illness member will submit claim to the insurance carrier for their reimbursement/ refund.
• Cancellation without insurance for illnesses -no refunds will be given unless we can replace your reservation as stated above.
• No refunds for payments can be given unless a substitution can be made. If a trip is cancelled by the Tour Committee, full refunds will be provided to all paid participants

Please Note

We offer three possible ways to notify you of our upcoming trips.

  1. Blind Broadcast emails sent out to all members supplying their emails
  2. Newsletter
  3. Website

Once notices are sent you have the option to book the trip being offered.