Community Service

South Coastal DE AARP Chapter 5226 provides support to many groups in the area, both financially and through volunteer activities.

Here are a few examples of our community service activities, which are spearheaded by the Community Service Committee:

  1. In the Fall, we collected “Dollars for Coats,” which enabled us to buy coats, jackets, and other cold weather gear for needy students at a local elementary school.
  2. Chapter members contributed more than 200 Christmas gifts for seniors, which were distributed on Christmas Day through the Cheer Center’s Meals on Wheels program.
  3. In February, we assisted staff at a local elementary school to hold a “Dental Day,” teaching school kids about the benefits of good dental hygiene. Chapter members donated “kids” toothpaste, and we purchased some teaching materials for the trainers at the school.
  4. In March. the Community Service Committee sponsors a movie at the Clayton Theatre in Dagsboro. The proceeds are donated towards a worthy cause.